Yo! Hello everyone, I’s StargateNerd, known more informally as SG-chan ^^ Or gylfie24linole on Youtube. This one has currently graduated from high school, and she enjoys writing and reading fanfiction. That’s what this blog is mainly, a place where I’ll post all my fanfiction, as well as fanart I’ve made/received for it, and other miscellaneous stuff.

A warning: All of Most of my stories contain yaoi, that is, boyxboy, gay/bi guys, males having sex. You following? If you don’t like that; don’t bash, just press that back button and get the hell away from the craziness that is SG-chan’s mind ^^ All that said, enjoy!


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  1. *pokes* Ohai, SG-chan. Nice account you have here. I haven’t been maintaining my WordPress XD Ah well. See you around! I gotta do those fic exchanges and also prepare for NaNoWriMo aside from continuing my stories XD

    ~Milky 😛

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